Automatic Bi-cycle Direction Indicator

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Combo bicycle light and turn signal

By Inbike

Features and specifications:

Product description:
– Light: 64-LED infrared bulbs
– Battery: 1200 mAh polymer battery
– Charging time: 3-4 hours

Package contents: 1 x combo bicycle light and turn signal

Automatic direction change detection:
The light automatically senses turns and changes in direction and displays a corresponding turn signal.

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Automatic direction change detection

Light senses changes in direction and speed and displays corresponding indicators

Product description

– Dimensions: 58 x 71 mm
– 80 Lumens waterproof bulb
– USB charging
– Durable construction


The light detects changes in direction and velocity and displays corresponding safety indicators, like “left turn,” “right turn,” and “breaking”

LED indicator patterns


Infrared safety line projector

Projects a red infrared line on the road behind the cyclist to help automobiles maintain a safe following distance

Detailed images

LED light display
display various patterns and arrows to remind the rear vehicle
Infrared warning light
Provide a safe range for riding


Convenient, simple, and easy-to-use design


Durable USB charging port & fastening strap

Detailed images

USB charging port and power button


Infrared safety line projector & attachment strap