Nylon LED Pet Dog Collar

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1. Help to keep your dog & other pets dog safe and anti-lost during walking at night.

2. Provide safety for your dogs and pets. while it’s out alone at night.

Instructions for use:


1. Pull out the Transparent Insulating Film simply pushing the control button makes the light ON/FLASH/OFF, Collar has 4 different options controlled with a switch on the collar Solid Light, Fash Blink, Slow Blink, and Off.  


2. The collar is Silicone waterproof. This means that it is fine in the rain but not suitable for dog swimming.


3. Batteries last 60-80 hours and can be changed, the kind of battery is 2pcs CR2016 batteries.



S:  Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)          length  35~43CM(13.8~16.9Inch)

M: Width 2.5CM(0.98Inch)          length  40~48CM(15.7~18.9Inch)

L:  Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)        length  45~52CM(17.7~20.5Inch)

XL:Width  2.5CM(0.98Inch)        length  52~60CM(20.5~23.6Inch)






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