PVC Transparent Tablecloth


IHAD PVC Waterproof Tablecloth Transparent Tablecloth with pattern Kitchen Table Cover Oil Cloth Soft Glass Tablecloth 1.0 mm

  Name: PVC Waterproof Tablecloth
  Shape: square with Corner 
  Color:  Transparent and Polish with flower
  Thickness: 1mm
  Condition: 100%  New material   


Size: 60x60cm & 60x100cm & 60x120cm & 60x130cm
         70x120cm & 70x130cm & 70x140cm
         80x120cm & 80x130cm & 80x140cm
         85x135cm & 85x140cm & 90x90cm
         90x120cm & 90x140cm & 90x150cm & 90x160cm
         80x80cm & 80x150cm


Note :

1, soft glass use a long time will shrink, so you get the goods will bigger 1-3cm than the regular size
2, The goods smell little plastic taste when you open it at the first time, that is nothing, into a cool and ventilated place a few days did not taste it! Harmless to the human body
3, The creases of the tablecloth usually occur during the transport process, which will be smooth in a few days on the table



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