Sticky Feet Pads


Which size to choose depand on which size your foot is, if your foot size is 42#,
then you just choose L size of this foot pad
Euro Size  S: 32-35     Length: 21cm 
Euro Size  M: 36-39    Length: 23cm  
Euro Size  L: 40-43     Length: 25cm
Euro Size  XL: 44-47    Length: 27cm
US Size  S: 1.5-3.5     Length: 21cm 
US Size  M: 4-6.5    Length: 23cm  
US Size  L: 7-9.5     Length: 25cm
US Size  XL: 10-11    Length: 27cm
Material: Cotton / Spandex
Color: Black, Blue, Pink
Package includes:
1pair x foot pad
High-Quality-Feet-Sticker-foot-Stick-on-Soles-Sticky-Pads-for-Feet-Anti-slip-beach-sockHigh-Quality-Feet-Sticker-foot-Stick-on-Soles-Sticky-Pads-for-Feet-Anti-slip-beach-sock (1)High-Quality-Feet-Sticker-foot-Stick-on-Soles-Sticky-Pads-for-Feet-Anti-slip-beach-sock (2)High-Quality-Feet-Sticker-foot-Stick-on-Soles-Sticky-Pads-for-Feet-Anti-slip-beach-sock (3)High-Quality-Feet-Sticker-foot-Stick-on-Soles-Sticky-Pads-for-Feet-Anti-slip-beach-sock (4)High-Quality-Feet-Sticker-foot-Stick-on-Soles-Sticky-Pads-for-Feet-Anti-slip-beach-sock (5)