Temporary Hair Dye Crayon

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8 bright and vibrant colors: Use one or several; use them individually or mix and blend colors. Hair chalk can be applied to dry hair of any color.
Change your hair color in minutes: the comb applicators make it quick and easy to put dazzling colors into your hair, creating a beautiful and unique look for yourself, also great for parties, clubbing, festivals, cosplay.
Safe to use and easy to wash out: our hair chalk is made from FDA approved ingredients, and is non-allergenic and water-soluble. Washes out with ordinary shampoo and water.
Your hair will look soft and flowing: even when you apply a lot of colors. Once you brush it out, your hair will be supple and natural, not stiff and sticky.
Pay attention:
1. Please be careful near water and rain also snow as the chalk may stain your clothes.
2. Please note that your hair may be a bit dry after you use the temporary hair chalk, but this does not affect the appearance.
3. Recommended for children 13 years of age and older.
How to use:
1. Use disposable gloves (INCLUDED) and disposable shawl (INCLUDED) around your neck when applying chalks to hair.
2. Make your hair keep a little damp(not dripping wet) when you use the hair chalks.
3. Apply the hair chalks smoothly and evenly from root to tip, repeating until you are satisfied.
4. After finished, use a hairdryer to make the hair dry.
5. Apply hair spray or hair wax to make it more natural.
Very easily apply to the light hair, especially gray and blond hair. It is a bit difficult for the dark or brown hair to apply, you can apply to white color firstly, and then apply to other colors you like and you can apply it for a few more times and it will be better.
Package Includes:
1 pcs Ovinm hair chalk pens Comb